Our Story

John Hirst

Johnny H is a family-owned and operated business inspired by the life of John Hirst, who is the great uncle of Johnny H founder and managing director Scott Hirst.

John was born in 1942 with Down Syndrome and lived during an era when independent travel and experiences were not considered suitable for the disabled.

Despite the limitations imposed upon him, John loved meeting new people and visiting new places, and enthusiastically recounted his adventures to all he met.

In a nod to John’s love of life and adventure, the concept for Johnny H was born.

Our Vision & Mission

Johnny H supports our community to experience a world where great things are possible. We strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment where participants feel supported to pursue their goals, explore new experiences, build social connections and enjoy a true sense of belonging.

Our Values









Meet The Team

Scott Hirst

Managing Director

Linda Callander

General Manager - Human Resources & Learning

James Parker

General Manager - Client Engagement

Theresa Ardrey

Regional Manager - Nepean & Blue Mountains


SLES Academy Manager

Angela Kaglatzis

Nepean Community Engagement Manager

Ashleigh Brammer

Life Skills Day Program Team Leader

Lisa Roberts

SLES Assistant Academy Manager

Linda Burns

Life Skills Day Program Team Leader

Roy Cladingboel

Operational Support Supervisor

Lily Callaghan

Administration Trainee

Megan Hale

Academy Trainer

Wayne Hogan

Community Engagement Support

Stephanie Calma

Life Skills Program Support

Rania Hadar

Academy Training Support

Ebony Carr

Community Engagement Support

Luke van Esch

Community Engagement Support

Rowena O'Toole

Community Engagement Support

Billy Brace

Johnny's Place Shuttle Driver

Carmina Rositano

Life Skills Program Support

Emma Nolan

Community Engagement Support

Tara Hargreaves

Community Engagement Support