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NAME Ashlee Clancy 
AGE  19
HOME Cambridge Park, NSW
WORK Nova Transition

Where have you been with Johnny H Adventures?

This year I’ve been to lots of social activities like mini golf, aqua golf, bowling, movies, scrapbooking and the footy.

I’ve also done day trips to the Hawkesbury Show, horse riding, whale watching, Luna Park, Avalon Beach, Penrith Show, and the Willy Wonka Garden. 

Short trips I’ve done are Dubbo Zoo, the Gold Coast and Farm Stay.

What’s been your favourite adventure?

The Gold Coast in Queensland was the best.

What adventures have you got coming up? 

I’m looking forward to visiting Luna Park, seeing the Bondi Sculpture Festival and going to Canberra. I’m also really excited to be going to Japan in November with Johnny H.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Hanging with my friends, going to the movies, and scrapbooking.