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Lyn Hirst is a Johnny H Tour Support who joined the crew on our tour of New Zealand  in February (2019). 

Based in Sydney, Lyn is a retired head teacher of 43 years and an avid traveller. 

Lyn’s overseas adventures include New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Italy, United States, China, France, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Abu Dhabi.

Venice is Lyn’s top travel pick and when she’s not globetrotting you’ll find Lyn doing embroidery and fundraising for the Country Women’s Association.

Read on to learn more about Lyn and her adventures below. 

As a tour support person, what value do you see in the Johnny H Adventures?  

“For the parents, there is a very real concern about what happens to their children if something happens to them. This is proving to the parents that when push comes to shove, these kids can survive without them. It also proves to the participants that they can live without their parents. While we’re away, they don’t phone home every 5 minutes. It’s all about life experience. Some of the parents are so comfortable with us taking their children that they get on a plane at the same time and have a holiday themselves.

The nicest part is to see how the Johnny H family is growing. Outside of the tours, the kids come together, they call each other, they play team sport together. Their support base and network just grows exponentially. It’s a wonderful thing to be part of.”

You’re off to New Zealand with Johnny H in February (2019), are you a fan of group travel?

“Bruce and I rarely ever travel on our own, we always take people with us!  

While I was teaching we took a group of students to China in 2005. In 2006 we took a group of students to Italy. We sent the kids home with the principal and took six of the teaching staff to Paris. We then took one of those teachers over to England for three weeks.

In 2010 Helen, her mother, Bruce and I went to Egypt. The same year we did the APT Rhine Cruise with other friends. We’ve taken the CWA ladies to New Zealand for 18 days. We took a group of 12 ladies to Tasmania for 12 days. We took 10 to Russia and came home through Turkey for two weeks. A couple of years ago we took 12 to Spain and Portugal. Then Helen, Bruce, myself and another friend went to  Ireland, Scotland and England before we came home.”

Could you choose one highlight from your travels?

“My favourite place in the world would have to be Venice. I just think it’s exotic and it’s historial. The shopping in one particular shop on the Rialto Bridge is absolutely phenomenal. They even provided a chair for Bruce outside.”

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