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Work Readiness

Johnny H Work Readiness prepares those who have left school to acquire the skills and confidence needed to transition into employment.

Backed by 40 years education and industry experience, Johnny H Academy sets up a customised program based on the goals and needs of each individual. Class size is limited to ensure a personalised experience and a strong focus on outcomes.

There are different ways of accessing our Work Readiness Program.

You may have School Leavers Employment Support (SLES) funding which means you can sign up for 5 days a week, enrolling each semester. Your funding will carry you through our full two year course which will cover the full range of topics and content required to prepare you to enter the workforce.

For those without SLES funding you can access our Work Readiness program using your Capacity Building funding. If this is you take a look on our U-Learn courses which will provide access to our Work Readiness programs, as well as some other great courses, which run for one semester at a time.

Core Subjects

Why we work

Job Awareness

Numeracy and Literacy

Safety in the Workplace

Travel Training

Money Management

Customer Service Skills

Workplace Etiquette and Attire

Goal Setting

Individual Career Outlook

Work Experience

Computer and Office Administration

2024 Semester Dates

Semester 1

Starts 15th January 2024

Finishes 22nd March 2024

Semester 2

Starts 8th April 2024

Finishes 14th June 2024

Semester 3

Starts 1st July 2024

Finishes 13th September 2024

Semester 4

Starts 30th September 2024

Finishes 13th December 2024

Your Work Readiness Journey

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